With a fleet of automated blanking lines that can process coils up to 48” wide, we have an efficient solution for nearly all custom hole and corner combinations. RSA can deliver ultimate flatness and squareness, whether your need is for 50 or 50,000 pieces.


Over the past four decades, RSA has developed the knowledge and processes to execute cost-effective solutions for the sign fabrication industry and other manufacturers that require a consistent and reliable supply of high quality aluminum blanks.  Whether your blanks are finished at a manual punching station or a high-speed automated line, you can expect the same high level of precision supported by an RSA satisfaction guarantee!

punching and shaping aluminum sign blanks
aluminum sign blanks on industrial shelving


While any of our 40+ colors can be converted into blanks, we maintain a large inventory of slit coil and square cut blanks ready to be processed into custom combinations of hole size and placement and radius corners.

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