RSA has the flexibility to produce sheets of aluminum and painted steel in any length up to 16 feet. Processed from stock coils on a precision cut-to-length line, our sheets are protected from surface damage with PVC masking that can be applied to one or both sides.


Our craftsmen use time-tested processes to ensure each metal sheet is precisely tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s aluminum, steel or other metal alloys, we guarantee accurate cuts that meet the highest industry standards.

technician using machine to manufacture aluminum sheets
aluminum metal sheets on industrial shelving in warehouse


By choosing RSA, you gain access to a comprehensive selection of sheets in more than 40 prefinished and anodized aluminum color combinations in widths up to 60” and lengths up to 192”, stocked and ready for shipment.  Combined with our quality guarantee,  experienced service team and competitive pricing, sheets from RSA are an easy choice for your next project.

We Understand Your Business

Dedicated sales/customer care associates are assigned to work with you and your job-specific needs.
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